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Hercules Black unbreakable motorcycle sunglasses


Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses

UV400 Filter for Maximum UV Protection

100% UVA/UVB Protection.

Scratch Resistant Coating

Extremely Resilient Nylon Frame

Designed for easy insertion to helmet

Includes A Free Micro-Fibre Storage/Cleaning Pouch.

Fed up of breaking your glasses? Then these could be the answer.

We asked Global Visions president Richard Wright if Hercules were indestructible? "We don't know he said," "but we haven't found anyone yet who can break 'em! We stepped on them, stretched them out straight while pulling on them as hard as we could, even twisting them; then we ran over them with a forklift (not once but twice) and they didn't break! The lenses didn't even come out of the frame!"

The frames are made of resilient high-grade nylon. The Polycarbonate lenses are so tough that when shot with a 1/4" steel ball (at over 100 mph) only a dimple was left in the lens.

Hercules glasses are specially designed for easy insertion whilst wearing your helmet.

A Free Micro-Fibre Storage/Cleaning pouch is also included.

Click here to see what happened to the Hercules when they were ran over by a 3 ton fork lift truck !

Hercules are 10.99

shatterproof polycarbonate lenses as standard
These glasses meet ansi Z87.1 safety standards CE marked for your safety
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